Orthodontic Treatment for Teenagers

Treatment for Teenagers

Today’s teenagers are very aware and conscious of their appearance, for this reason, a lot of teenagers are keen to get a perfect looking smile. How do you know if your teenager needs orthodontic treatment? Have you noticed changes in your teenager’s teeth and smile? Or perhaps they’re becoming more self-conscious in photos and at social events. Here are some things to look out for that might mean your teenager needs orthodontic treatment:

Crooked front teeth

Crowded teeth

Top and bottom teeth not touching at the front

The appearance of fangs

Difficulty biting on their back teeth

Large gaps between some or all of their teeth

Due to advances in treatment, the days of large bands around teeth and bulky wires are gone. Teenagers are now able to choose from multiple treatment options that suit their orthodontic needs and lifestyle. Today’s treatments are more discreet, comfortable and convenient than ever before, making both your life and your teenager’s life easier. Orthodontics is not only about appearance, but bite and jaw function and the way your bite fits together. This is called your occlusion. Problems with occlusion, otherwise known as a malocclusion, can lead to lifelong problems, pain and expense as an adult. Having these issues treated as a child or teenager will be simpler and give the patient a better result and healthy teeth for the long term.