High-tech, digital design by your orthodontist

To the patient, Suresmile treatment will probably look much like normal braces. You will be pleased to know that behind the scenes your orthodontist is using state of the art 3D software to diagnose and design your smile. Suresmile enables your orthodontist to view your teeth from all different angles so they don’t miss anything when planning the movements of your teeth.

With this advanced technology, treatment times may be reduced significantly, by up to 30% for many patients. In some cases this may mean braces off in 9 months. Suresmile technology can be an advantage for adults that require complex treatment and aren’t suitable Invisalign patients. Braces may be required, but you may not have to wear them for as long.


Suresmile Advantages

  • Suresmile is convenient as you will only need to visit the orthodontist around every 12 weeks a lot less than regular braces.
  • Suresmile can assist with shorter treatment time up to 30% less than regular braces.
  • Suresmile allows your orthodontist to work with digital precision to ensure a fantastic outcome.

Suresmile Disdvantages

  • None really except you will still be required to wear braces that have the appearance of regular braces.

The Suresmile process

The Suresmile procedure is slightly different from traditional braces. Firstly you will have a 3D scan performed then approximately six weeks later your Suresmile wires will be delivered to the practice. In the meantime, your orthodontist will have been planning your case and they will use a digital model of your teeth to design your smile precisely, within 1/10 of a millimetre.

Once your robotic wires have been placed by your orthodontist, your progress and your journey to braces off will continue as normal. The Suresmile system can be used for braces on the front of your teeth or on the back of your teeth (next to your tongue) and you will still have the options to wear ceramic or plastic braces with your Suresmile treatment.

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